This wedding season add some glow to your make-up!

Boring to Boho!

Easy ways to transform your look from boring to boho with an Indian twist.

5 Things to Consider Before You Start Wearing Makeup – Beauty

Different people perceive make up in different ways – some say it’s fake, some say it’s beautiful…. Makeup to me is art. It’s so magical that how some simple enhancement of our features can highly improve our self confidence. Though confidence is not just based on our external appearance, it is such an undeniable fact that for…

Add nutrition to your breakfast – Health

Hello Everyone! Sometimes there are certain things which we all know, hear but don’t give much importance to. We take them for granted. A simple example is drinking water. Once such thing is our breakfast. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It is really essential not just to keep it…