5 Things to Consider Before You Start Wearing Makeup – Beauty

Different people perceive make up in different ways – some say it’s fake, some say it’s beautiful…. Makeup to me is art. It’s so magical that how some simple enhancement of our features can highly improve our self confidence. Though confidence is not just based on our external appearance, it is such an undeniable fact that for many of us, a quick kajal stroke makes so much difference. For those who are open to experimenting with make-up, like me, here are a few things to consider, in my opinion.

  1. Never ever go to sleep with make-up on. Not even just kajal. Always make it a point to remove your make-up before you head to bed. When you sleep you want to allow your body to perform it’s rejuvenating task with zero hindrance. Coconut oil, olive oil & almond oil can be used to remove makeup before washing your face with cleansers.
  2. Minimal makeup always stands out. Never over do. I have made this mistake several times of over doing my makeup, who doesn’t. But if you ask me the question, where to stop – I would say, you should know. This is more of a trial and error method and moreover only you know what looks best on you.
  3. Focus on highlighting only one feature of yours at a time. Example – If you go strong on eye make up, keep your lipstick color very close to your original lip color. Or if you are sporting a red-lip then keep your eye make up minimal. This is of course not a rule, but when you start, it is always better to never go overboard. Once you learn the skill, you are the master.
  4. Always remember that makeup is not a hiding tool. There is no such thing as hiding your imperfections. There is no such thing as imperfection. Makeup is just a tool to enhance your features. So, never fail to take care of your skin. Regular cleansing, exfoliating, eating right, drinking water etc have no alternatives. You need to be healthy and clean inside, so that it reflects on your skin. Focus on improving the quality of your skin, which is going to be your canvas.
  5. Never blindly copy anyone’s makeup – it’s never going to work for you and never wear something in which you are uncomfortable. Always try and find out what suits you and makes you feel comfortable. There are so many aspects to makeup – A smoky eye may be great on your friend, but you might be better with just a stroke of liner. Work on finding what is your style.

I hope this was useful. Do let me know.

Will be right back!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bella says:

    Thanks for the reminders! Great post Xx

  2. Beauté De Femme says:

    Great post ! And true 😉 thanks xx

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