My make up skills fall under “not that great but not too bad” category. Most of the days, I am satisfied with some Compact Powder, eye pencil and some lipstick. But there are days when I am looking for something more – some blush, highlighter, bronzer, concealer. I usually keep all my make-up stuff in a pouch and take it with me when I travel. I always keep looking for ways to find out multiple ways to using a single product like – using a lip color as a blush etc., so that I can reduce the stuff I carry. I am always looking out for a palette that would satisfy many of my needs as well as something that fits in my budget. That’s when I found Makeup Revolution Protection Palette. One of the main reasons I got this was that, it fitted in my budget so perfectly and also because I can replace so many things from my makeup pouch if this works for me.

This palette comes in three shades – I got the medium one. It has three shades of concealers, one bronzer, one blush, one highlighter and compact powder. It came as a blessing to me. I don’t work much on my eye brows or eye lids so this palette, a eye pencil, a moisturizer and a lipstick is pretty much all that I have to carry. The product that I use the least in this palette is the concealer and the most used is the compact powder and blush.

I ordered this product from, discounts were running, got the product in perfect condition and time … and what more can I ask for.

Let me know about your favorite products.

Will be right back!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this post! I have to try this

    1. sayhiaish says:

      Thanks. Do try and let me know

  2. It looks beautiful! You should do a makeup look with it too πŸ™‚

    1. sayhiaish says:

      I surely do☺

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