Pout Perfect!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are having a great week..

So… getting the perfect pout has been such a challenge for me. Over years I have figured out these simple steps to get a perfect pout. The best thing is that these techniques would work for pretty much in all situations. Since I have made this more of an everyday look, I have skipped the lip liner and to me it totally works. Here you go…

Start with the inner areas and build the color
You should be left with something like a Popsicle style!
Now build the color all over your lips without under or over lining
Smudge the lipstick on a tissue to avoid any creasing and create a beautiful matte finish
Build the color a little more with another layer. This would make your lipstick last way too long.
Dab some highlighter on the upper bridge of your lips with your fingers
Dab some contour shade under the lower lip with your fingers creating a shadow under the lower lip
You are completely ready to rock and roll!

Now that you have a perfect pout, its time to smile!

Will be right back!

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