Boring to Boho!

When you have to get dressed on a daily basis, be it for work or college, sometimes it is so challenging to come up with ways to experiment with different styles, without disturbing the dressing etiquette of the place. A Kurtha is a staple in many of the Indian girl’s wardrobe and sometimes it can get really monotonous styling it the same way. And now that the festive season is so round the corner, there is no better time to give your Kurtha a bohemian twist with an Indian flavor.

Here are a few things that I have done to boho up my look:

  1. Choosen a Kurtha with colorful prints
  2. Added tribal jewelry pieces
  3. Wore an old pair of anklet as choker
  4. Wore an old chain as bracelet
  5. Added some body tattoos
  6. Added a bindi as a nose ring
  7. Hair – Effortless and wavy
  8. Makeup – Minimal
Choose a kurtha with bright colors and patterns which can instantly up the vibrancy of the look.
Boho is all about colorful or tribal accessories based on your outfit. If you want to keep your outfit colorful, go for tribal accessories (Like above) or if you choose a subtle outfit you can go really colorful with your accessories. Here I have used an anklet as a choker to bring a little more of a gypsy vibe.


I am wearing an old chain as a bracelet.
Boho look is all about effortless. Body tattoos work really well with this look. A mix and match would make it even more effortless.
Nose rings go so well with this look. So I decided to use a stone bindi as a nose ring!
When it comes to hair, the more effortless, the better. I have also kept the make-up minimal.
Outfit – Max | Choker – Old anklet| Necklace – Globus | Earring – Flea Market | Rings – Lifestyle | Bracelet – Old chain | Body Tattoos – Lifestyle | Block Heels  – Forever21 | Stone round bindis (as nose ring) – Amazon

Will be right back!

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