In spite of several inventions in the cosmetic industry, the best products that make your skin glow are still found right in our kitchen. There are endless ways to achieve glowing skin with these homemade products. This recipe is one such scrub, mask and polish. This is just your right choice if you are preparing yourself for your big day, a festival or just for some great skin. This is my ultimate go to mask for all seasons and at all times.

Here are the ingredients and some ways to use them for the best benefits:


  1. Gram Flour (1 tablespoon) – Nourishes your skin
  2. Rice Flour (1 tablespoon)ย – De-tan’s your skin
  3. Turmeric (1/2 tea spoon) – Anti – Bacterial Agent
  4. Raw Milk (1 tablespoon) – Moisturizes your skin
  5. Coffee groundsย (1 tablespoon) – Exfoliates your skin
  6. Coconut Oil (1 tea spoon) – Prevents drying and gives you glowing skin

Mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste and scrub it all over your body.

Massage the ingredients into your skin for good ten minutes.

Leave it to dry for around 15 minutes.

Wash it with luke-warm water.

Enjoy your glowing skin.

Will be right back!


Disclaimer:ย The author expresses her personal opinion through the post, hence all the ideas and suggestions may be followed at the reader’s own discretion. A author is not responsible for any damages caused by any recommendations made in the blog. Readers are requested to follow any ideas or information at their own discretion.


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