Travel Backpack Essentials

While travelling, most of the time, I am stuck in a situation where I just remembered some of the bare essentials that I forgot. Though we pack tonnes of bags while we travel, for me the handbag or the backpack is the most essential part to focus on. Obviously while we are touring around the place or while in car or flight, we will not have access to all the important stuff that we packed. So it is really important to keep a few things really handy.

Now, there are so many other things that people carry in their handbag or backpacks that I have missed.. like, water, lipstick, watch, flats… obviously phones etc.,

Here I have covered some hygiene, skin and hair essentials which are a must carry for me.


Lip Balm: The last thing you want to have while travelling is chapped lips. I always throw on this lip balm in my bag.

Goggles: They not only save you from light, but also hide your panda eyes while travelling.

Moisturizer: Travel is always equal to dry skin. There is always changes going on and this can make your skin really dry. And anyways who doesn’t want to travel with soft smooth skin.

Sun Screen: This one is an all time must have. I choose Neutrogena Ultra Sheer body mist with SPF 30 to heavy sunblock creams.

Hand Sanitizer: It is so important to carry a sanitizer since we could be using public washrooms and eating out all the time while travel. And of course we don’t want to take the germs along.

Comb: While travelling, my hair can get extra crazy and without a comb it is almost impossible.

Safety pins, hair clips and hair bands: No matter how many of these we have at home, we always search for them.


Put all your pins, clips and bands in a small box so that you can find them right when you need.

Hand towel: A hand towel is a such a saviour and comes in so handy at all times.

Note and a pen: Nothing can replace this.. even a phone. This never goes out of charge and is always right there for you.

Dental Floss: This one is one of the most important things that we all need to carry even when we are not travelling. We never want to embarrass others or ourselves while having a conversation.

Hope this was helpful.


Disclaimer: The author expresses her personal opinion through the post, hence all the ideas and suggestions may be followed at the reader’s own discretion. A author is not responsible for any damages caused by any recommendations made in the blog. Readers are requested to follow any ideas or information at their own discretion.


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