It’s wedding season and there is so much to do. Amidst  all the shopping and partying you got to glow. One of the most important things to focus while doing makeup for a wedding is to look glowing. No matter you are the bride or bridesmaid or a guest you got to have the glow. Sometimes after all the makeup, our face still looks like it lacks the glow. So here is how you add the glow you your makeup this wedding season.

I have used the shade 1 (top row left)  from my Maybelline Blused Nudes Palette to add glow to my look. This off-white shade with a little shimmer is so perfect to add some glow to your look. You can also use any highlighter to achieve this look.
Once your eye makeup is done, add a bit of this shade in the inner corners of your eyes. This would open up your eyes and give your eyes a lift.
Finish your lip makeup with a bit of highlighter in the center of your lower and upper lip. This would not only add shimmer to your lips but also make your lips look fuller.
Add some of this shade to the tip of your nose to make it look nice and sharp.
Add some shimmer to the upper part of your cheekbones to give your face some glowing lift.

Hope this was helpful!

Have a great day!

Will be right back!


Disclaimer: The author expresses her personal opinion through the post, hence all the ideas and suggestions may be followed at the reader’s own discretion. A author is not responsible for any damages caused by any recommendations made in the blog. Readers are requested to follow any ideas or information at their own discretion.


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  1. Yes. This is my favourite pallete .

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