Jaipur – India

Amber Fort
An Evening in Jal Mahal
View from the sunset point restaurant in Nahargarh Fort
My loves in Amber Fort

The first few things that used to come to my mind when I used to think of Jaipur were the dreamy forts and palaces. My image of Jaipur has always been a dreamy old kingdom. But my visit to Jaipur has totally changed my thought about this city. The day we checked into the hotel, we decided to head to a local market in an e-rickshaw (a modern and eco-friendly battery operated version of the traditional rickshaw). Initially I was not very happy with the dusty and crowded old markets, it was such a clash from what I thought the city was. But slowly as we started exploring and understanding the city I did love it for what it is. This is Jaipur, you need to give it time, experience it and love it for what it is. This rule is pretty much applicable to any place if you want to be A Traveler and not a tourist. If you are going to just check in to a 5 star hotel and visit the tourist spots and head back with some souvenirs, you can’t actually know how the life is in a place. In this post I am focusing more on knowing the life in Jaipur and less on being a tourist in Jaipur.

Things to remember & carry:

  • Everything is not as beautiful as you see in photographs, you need to have the eye to find beauty in everything
  • There is so much walking to be done. The forts and palaces are huge and it is sunny most of the time. So, carry hats, comfortable cloths, goggles, shoes, sunscreen, moisturizer, water bottles and large sized shopping bags.
  • Most of the markets are like flea markets or street markets and are located in the old pink city of Jaipur. Don’t forget to bargain when you shop. You can ask for about 50 percent lesser than what they quote and if done skillfully, most of the times you might win.
  • Jaipur can be divided into two types of places. The modern Jaipur (Like any other Indian metropolitan cities) and the old Jaipur (The Pink City – the old Jaipur). There are hotels available in both these areas and you can choose based on the kind of atmosphere that you prefer. If you are looking to stay near the Pink City you should check out Trident (opposite to Jal Mahal and has some amazing views) or Park Regis (More closer to the Pink City – great for budget travelers). For those who want to stay in the modern Jaipur you can find a lot of heritage and downtown hotels in and around Jhawahar Lal Nehru Marg ( JLN Marg).
  • People are really friendly in Jaipur but staying alert is inevitable when you travel. Travel with company in wee hours and avoid any suspicious streets and people.
  • Elephant rides are famous in Amber Fort Jaipur. But I really recommend you walk up or take a jeep. The views are beautiful and you have a lot of time to take pictures that way. However if you want to go on an elephant ride, please do your research to find if they are available during the time you are planning to visit.

Make your trip fun by:

  • Taking an e-rickshaw to go around the city, they go pretty much everywhere other than Jai Garh Fort and Nahargarh Fort.
  • Hiring a motorcycle to go around the city –  we hired ours from The Wicked Ride. The Royal Enfield Electra was okay and we did not have any trouble throughout.
  • Spend an evening watching the sunset at the Nahargarh fort. They have a restaurant at the sunset point and this is a muct do if you visit Jaipur.
  • Visit the Jal Mahal & Albert hall museum during sunrise or sunset. They look golden and gorgeous. They are also great places for an early morning run.
  • No visit to a place is complete without eating the local food. If you want to try the local food – LMB is a popular local eatery. For Lassi try – Lassiwala in MI Road and for downtown cafes try – Lazy Mojo near JLN Marg or Tapri.
Pink City Markets
Sunrise in Jal Mahal

Below are some of our mobile clicks.

City Palace
The breezy Hawa mahal
Nahargarh Fort during sunset
E-rickshaw ride in Pink City
Nahargarh Fort Sunset Point
Inside Nahargarh Fort
Sunrise at Jal Mahal

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Hope this was useful.

Will be right back!


Disclaimer: The author expresses her personal opinion through the post, hence all the ideas and suggestions may be followed at the reader’s own discretion. A author is not responsible for any damages caused by any recommendations made in the blog. Readers are requested to follow any ideas or information at their own discretion.


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  1. Very nice place to visit. I have been twice there . Beautiful pics.

    1. I am gald you liked it😊 and thanks for your appreciation 😊

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