Skincare Essentials – For Beginners

No makeup can make up for beautiful skin. The importance of an everyday skincare routine cannot be stressed enough. But the fact is that there are so many doubts about skincare routine in the minds of the beginners. I din’t actually follow a regular skincare routine till my mid twenties and I had and still have so many doubts about it. To begin with, I would answer some of the most popular skincare doubts and also share the products that I use for my skincare. Here I only discuss the products that I think are really basic and can be used for summer to winter.

What is a skincare routine and why should I follow one?

A skincare routine is basically a series of steps that would help the skin in it’s rejuvenation process. Though our body has it’s mechanism to rejuvenate and protect the skin, with a few additional steps we can help the body perform it’s functions better.

Our ancestors never had a skincare routine. Their skin looked fine. Why should I follow one?

Skincare is not a recent term or trend. It has been followed for ages. However they weren’t using the same products that we are using now. The products of each period has been developed based on the current day requirements. For example, now there are creams that offer a sun protection of up to SPF 50 or more, this is also because of the increase in the UV rays penetration. But yes, some products were not used by them since there wasn’t a need at that time or also because they had alternate practices. For example, They would use an umbrella instead of a sunscreen.

What are the steps in a skincare routine?

Cleanse – with a face wash. (Day and Night)

Exfoliate – with a scrub. (Twice a week)

Nourish – with a serum. (Night)

Moisturize – with a moisturizer.(Day and Night)

Protect – with a sunscreen. (Only for the day)

Here are some basic products that I use for my regular skincare routine.

This Neutrogena cleanser works so perfect for my skin type and is one of my regular fortnightly empties
This sun screen from Nivea is heavy and thick but does the job
I can’t think of a better moisturizer. This Nivea Soft is so perfect for all weather types and is never greasy or heavy
For serum I use an aloevera gel from Auroville. You could choose any brand that offers pure aloevera gel.
I have recently started using this Vitamin C glow boosting moisturizer from Body Shop. This once is really nourishing and smells adorable. However I don’t use this on a everyday basis. May be twice a week.
My all time favorite body moisturizer is this one from Nivea. (I think I am a Nivea girl ; ) )

I hope this was useful.

Will be right back!


Disclaimer: The author expresses her personal opinion through the post, hence all the ideas and suggestions may be followed at the reader’s own discretion. A author is not responsible for any damages caused by any recommendations made in the blog. Readers are requested to follow any ideas or information at their own discretion.


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