Salon Nails at Home

Who doesn’t want beautiful nails? But we definitely can’t get them done at a salon each time nor can we spend so much time on a Home Manicure each time. Over the years I have always tried different ways to give my nails a salon like finish with the least possible steps and here they are. Here is your quickest way to get salon like nails at home!

From Left: Top Coat, Nail color, Cuticle Trimmer and pusher, Nail Filer, Nail Buffing Brush
Begin with filing your nails nice and smooth
Carefully trim your cuticles – this makes a huge difference in the finishing.
Buff above and over your nails to exfoliate and remove all the rough particles.
Now your nails are all ready for the first coat.
Wait for good ten minutes before you apply the second coat and always always always finish with a top coat for long lasting finish. I would suggest to give a good 15 minutes gap at least between the second coat and the top coat.

Shop the products:

Nail Color – Hot paprika – Faces

Top coat – Nykaa

Nail Cuticle trimmer and pusher – Nykaa

Nail Filer – Bare Essentials

Nail Buffing Brush – Bare Essentials

I hope this was useful.

Will be right back!


Disclaimer: The author expresses her personal opinion through the post, hence all the ideas and suggestions may be followed at the reader’s own discretion. A author is not responsible for any damages caused by any recommendations made in the blog. Readers are requested to follow any ideas or information at their own discretion.


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