Chocolate Banana Mousse

Valentine’s Day is too round the corner and if you still haven’t decided what to buy for your valentine, then here is something you can cook. And I think nothing is as romantic as cooking for your partner.

And the best part it.. anyone can make it. It is that simple. Here is a recipe for two.

For the Mousse:

In a saucepan, add a cup of cream. Simmer it till warm and add a around 50 grams of cut chocolate.

Put off the flame and stir till the chocolate completely melts in the cream.

You should be left with a thick chocolate sauce.

Cool it down.

Add two ripe bananas in the blender, add the chocolate sauce and blend it smooth.

You will be left with a thick smoothie. Freeze it for around 20 minutes before serving.

For the heart:

Spread fresh cream on a flat and slightly deep small tray.

Freeze the mixture till hard and cut it with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

For the dried rose petals:

Remove the rose petals from flower.

Heat a saucepan making sure there is no oil or water. Make sure the flame is low throughout the process. Add the rose petals and let them stay in the pan for 15 minutes in low flame. When you achieve a texture as in the image, they are good to go.



Add two to three full spoons of the mousse in a glass bowl, place the desired amount of hearts in top and garnish with some dried rose petals.

Time to enjoy your mousse:)

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

This Valentine’s day don’t forget to show yourself some love!




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